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Light Therapy For Acne

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Light Therapy for Acne with LUSTRE ClearSkin Blue Light Technology

Light Therapy For Acne


Final Christmas shopping taking over your world? Last chance to add a LUSTRE ClearSkin Solo or TRIO and make someone's face light up with happiness! We let Dr Sam Robson talk about the benefits of light and how it could transform your life.

Dr Sam Robson, medical director at Temple Clinic, Aberdeen

Guest blog contributed by Dr Sam Robson, medical director at Temple Clinic, a specialistskin care and acne clinic in Aberdeen. 

 "As amazing as it might seem, dealing with acne can be as easy as shedding some extra light."


Research has been done, which find that acne can be treated with light therapy.

At the therapy, violet light is generated through lasers, LEDs, or fluorescent lights. Done twice a week, the treatment has been found to reduce acne by just as much as 64%. When it's done daily, the results are even more impressive. The reason this works is that P. Acnes, the bacteria that causes acne, is irradiated by the violet light, which kills off the bacteria and clears up the skin in order that it's possible to have the acne disappear.
The bacteria will die within a few days, but can come back if the treatment isn't reapplied. When violet and red light is used, there's a reduction of 76% in 80% of the patients. These results actually perform better than many over the counter treatments for acne.

Fortunately, equipment for this is quite inexpensive in comparison with the cost of buying new acne medicines on a weekly or monthly basis in the course of several years. This is why so many adolescents and acne sufferers are starting to look at ways they may have their acne removed without creams.

Another approach is photodynamic therapy, where intense blue light is utilized to reduce acne by 60 to 70% within a month.

LUSTRE ClearSkin Blue Light Device, Trio

In this instance, the P. Acnes is treated with delta aminolevulinic acid to help remove it in combination with the blue light treatment. This treatment isn't as effective as the other types of light treatment since the blue light didn't work well enough on its own, like the violet and red lights did. If you do not want to spend money on the machinery for this, then you can just go outside and relish the sun. Research has found that increased sun on the body can stimulate the skin and truly remove the acne.

This is why those who're more active outdoors don't tend to have acne, while people who spend their time indoors frequently have worse acne. In case you've acne, then you might wish to look at these light therapy options.

They can remove your acne without any pain and without creams. You can just sit there, enjoy the light on your face and anticipate days of having no acne and a nice clear face to look at in the mirror.

Read more about blue light therapy.

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