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Supercharge Bundle

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FORMULATED FOR: Acne prone skin

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types

The perfect 3 step routine to boost your skin:

Step 1: Clean away impurities with our gentle and NEW LUSTRE®LAB Purifying Face Cleanser

Step 2: Eliminate acne-causing bacteria at the root with our clinically proven 20min daily LED treatment

Step 3: Rebalance your sebum production and mattify your skin for smoother looking complexion with our brand NEW LUSTRE® LAB Purifying Face Serum

Oh, and a FREE roomy pouch to house it all. 100% organic cotton, printed with water-based ink.

Our latest skincare products formulated with LED in mind - ideal to jump on the Light Therapy bandwagon – with a bang!

A complete, dermatologically tested skincare journey set: 

  • From a gentle cleansing experience to clean away impurities and help reduce redness
  • Through non-comedogenic, purifying serum targeting oiliness, reducing pore size and mattifying skin
  • All the way to leaving your skin LED light-ready and equipped with the LUSTRE® ClearSkin SOLO: the clinically proven 415nm blue light to eliminate acne-causing bacteria at the source
  • Let's not forget your little perk in the bundle: the generous size pouch to keep your set in. Made with 100% organic cotton and printed with water-based ink.

The set to rule them all. 

3 simple step routine for healthier and smoother looking skin:

Step 1: Clean your skin with LUSTRE®LAB Purifying Face Cleanser to clean away all impurities and reduce skin redness.

Step 2: Apply the LUSTRE® ClearSkin Blue Light therapy device for 20 minutes to the desired area to target spots, breakouts and skin imperfections.

Step 3: Apply a little dab of LUSTRE®LAB Purifying Face Serum all over the face to balance your sebum production and promote a healthy skin barrier.


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