How LUSTRE works

Professional skin treatment at home

How LUSTRE works

Professional skin treatment at home

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The Secret of Porphyrin

The p.Acnes bacteria contains naturally occurring compounds called porphyrins.

When porphyrins are exposed to blue light, they break up, releasing singlets of oxygen, which kill the p.Acnes bacteria.

Specifically, blue light at 415 nm is clinically proven to destroy the bacteria.


Now things get exciting

Acne begins to clear and continued blue light use can help reduce P. acnes growth and stop new spots from forming.

Visible improvements seen after 2 weeks.





LUSTRE ClearSkin Solo



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Introducing the new LUSTRE Solo – a wireless, wearable technology that kills acne-causing bacteria. This safe and effective light treatment is clinically proven to help you clear your skin of acne, spots and blemishes while being gentle and completely natural. Only 20 minutes a day. Recommended acne treatment period is 12 weeks, with first results reported after 2 weeks of daily use.

What’s in the box?

  • LUSTRE Solo Device
  • LUSTRESTRIPS for 30 treatments
  • USB Charger Cable
  • LUSTRE Instruction Manual

Easily charged with the USB cable provided.


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Technology Frequently Asked Questions

Can LUSTRE be used on other parts of the body, i.e. the back and chest?

LUSTRE ClearSkin is the only hands free blue light device that allows customers to treat separate parts of the body.

Will LUSTRE ClearSkin Technology cause any UV damage to my skin?

No, LUSTRE ClearSkin Technology delivers therapeutic safe natural blue light at a wavelength of 415 nm. This is not in the UV spectrum of the natural light wavelength. In clinical trials of blue light at 415 nm, there have been no reported incidences of UV skin damage.

I have sensitive skin, can I use LUSTRE ClearSkin?

· Do you consider that you have sensitive or delicate skin?
· Do you bruise easily?

If you answer yes to one or both of the above questions then a test of the adhesion can be made by applying a strip to your inner forearm, just before the elbow. The strip should be left in place for at least 10 minutes before being removed. If there is any pigmentation or redness exhibited then a small amount of E45 moisturising cream should be applied directly to the skin immediately before application of the adhesive strips. The exact amount of cream required is dependent upon the need to reduce the adhesion. In ALL cases the white cream should NOT be visible on the skin when the strips is applied to the skin. If cream is visible then the light will not be able to reach the skin and perform an effective treatment.

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