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Having some troubles with LUSTRE® ClearSkin app?

Check out the below most common troubleshooting challenges and follow the steps to help you get started. If after trying the below you are still having some issues, please contact our customer support.

Restart your device
If any problems occur try powering off the device and turn it back on after a couple of minutes.

Update the app
We are continuously working on improving the app. It might happen that you are using an older version of the app which can create issues with connecting to the device. Try updating your app and reconnecting with the device.

Restart your phone
If the app is not able to connect with the device, try to restart your device and go back to the app to try to connect with the device.

Restart your Bluetooth
Turning off and on your phone's Bluetooth might help with connecting with the device.

Redownload the app
It could happen that when downloading the app something went wrong. Please delete the app (and empty any cache files the app created) and reinstall the app using your favourite app store.

Remove the device from the charger
The device is made to not function during charge because of safety reasons. Make sure your device is fully charged and not connected to the charger when trying to connect.

Make sure the latest version of the software is installed on your phone
Operating systems are continuously updated by Apple and Android. It may happen that your phone is running on older software that is not supported by our app. Update your phone and try to connect to the device.

Make sure your phone is not connected to other devices
Your phone might have difficulties connecting to the device when it is already connected with other devices like headsets or Bluetooth speakers. Disconnect all established connections and try to connect with your device.

Clear Bluetooth devices on your phone
It could be that your phone has issues with connecting to a new Bluetooth device because it is already full of devices you have used in the past. Try to manually delete some of the devices you no longer use from your phone and try to reconnect.

Clear apps that run in the background
The device might accidentally try to connect with apps that run in the background of your phone. Temporarily close all apps and only open the LUSTRE® ClearSkin app, try to reconnect to the device again.

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