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We’re certain that you’re going to be amazed by the results of LUSTRE blue light treatment, but don’t just take our word for it. Watch and read what our customers and health professionals have to say.

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Kieran McCahon, 20 from Suffolk, is one of the 645 million people worldwide who suffers from acne:

“It seemed pretty normal to experience some form of mild acne being a teenager. However, in the last four years it became a real frustration because as a young professional, I felt like I should be over any spotty teenage skin.

I tried creams, diets, prescribed medication, even changes to health and fitness regimes and while some things worked in the short-term, I really wanted to keep acne at bay longer term. It was my dad that shared a link to the LUSTRE Solo. I didn’t want to be reliant on tablets, so I gave it a go. I started to use it in the evenings for 20 minutes and it wasn’t long before I noticed a difference.”

In two weeks, my acne had disappeared and no new spots had formed. In four weeks my complexion was clear but I continued to use it as part of a new easy skincare regime to tackle the scarring that the acne had left.

I’d recommend it to anyone suffering from blemishes or mild to moderate acne. I’m worry-free and happy in my own skin again.” 

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Real Life Stories

Hear real experiences from LUSTRE Purelight users

Helen O’Brian

LUSTRE Pure Light user

Helen O’Brian’s started using Lustre Pure Light Classic while studying medicine at the University of Aberdeen. Hear her story of how she’s seen a huge change in her acne had  regained confidence.

Dr Johanna Ward

The Skin Clinic (2012)

Dr Johanna Ward, leading skin specialist at the Skin Clinic Sevenoaks & Brentwood explains to Dr Hilary Jones the ground-breaking progress she has made with her patients using LUSTRE Pure Light Classic, an earlier product model.

Sarah Dell

LUSTRE Pure Light Classic User

See how Sarah managed to re-claim her life with the help of LUSTRE Pure Light Classic. Having had Acne from the age of 13, she lacked self-confidence and struggled with socialising. LUSTRE Pure Light Classic helped regain a clear complexion and keep control of her Acne. Sarah believes that this technology can help many more sufferers to re-claim their lives too.

Claire Dempsey

LUSTRE Pure Light Classic User

22-year-old Claire started getting acne around 19. In this video, we found out how having acne made Claire feel, and how acne affected her social life. Having used over the counter creams without success, she found out about Lustre and decided to try it as nothing else had worked. After just three months, Claire saw a noticeable difference, and is thrilled with the results.



SOLO, the Small but Mighty One
  • 1 pocket-size device, easy to pack and travel with
  • Convenient design that’s fast and easy to use
  • Ideal for taking with you on holiday, business trips or the weekend without breaking the treatment cycle
  • Great for top-up sessions throughout the year to prevent breakouts and maintain good skin

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