Here is our thank you to the NHS.

There is a big trend right now: people struggle with their skin because of #facemasks.

Suffering from “#maskne” while trying to shield yourself and others from the Covid-19 virus should be the least of your worry. Amongst others, we’ve had some really heart-warming LUSTRE reviews from the NHS staff at the frontline of the pandemic – and they really touched us! We believe there is more that we can do to #supporttheNHS. Even if it is helping combat PPE-caused skin breakouts and acne.

Deborah is one of the NHS staff nurses who shared her story with us:

★★★★★ DEBORAH HART – JUNE 23, 2020:

 I started using Lustre Light after contacting my facialist about worsening breakouts despite following a rigid skin care regime. She recommended using the Lustre ClearSkin system morning and night, which I have been doing for a few months now and I must say I am delighted. I was quite sceptical at first, as it didn’t seem like a drastic enough measure to help my skin but my breakouts are so much less red and painful and practically gone within the week whereas before the same blemish would not only be visible for 4 weeks+, they would weep, be red and painful. I have recommend Lustre to many of my colleagues as for many of us now wearing PPE masks daily, breakouts and painful skin are an unfortunate side effect. So glad I found this product and would confidently recommend it to anyone struggling with problem skin.

This motivated us to explore opportunities to support the NHS workers who may be suffering from mask-induced acne. 

We are a small company but we are very inspired by the people in the frontline and know our product can make a great difference.

As a lot of the NHS staff are likely to be suffering from the same PPE-caused skin breakouts, we’d like to help as many individuals a possible and have set up a code allowing them to get the LUSTRE ClearSkin Solo device at 20% less than normal (£40), including 90 free LUSTRESTRIPS  if they choose to share their thoughts with us.

The code is STAYWELLNHS to use at the checkout and includes a 60 day Money Back Guarantee, so no risks.

We know our product can make a great difference. We are looking for ways to donate our products to some of the UK hospitals and have set up a large, short term offer for all NHS staff in the meantime.

If you work for the NHS you can get the LUSTRE ClearSkin Solo device at 20% less than normal (RRP £49.99 down to £40).
*If you feel this might be of interest to you or any of your colleagues, please pass it on.*

Love, LUSTRE Team (Ambicare Health Ltd)


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