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10 Tips for controlling acne outbreaks this Christmas

Posted by Anna Rodriguez Majek

Helping your skin survive the festive period

Here we are, a stone’s throw away from Christmas – that’s come around quickly! Back into warm hats and scarves it is, and it’s time to prep your skin for the spot-inducing, dark and frosty winter holiday.

While a lot of people find it invigorating and look forward to it, the festive madness can be somewhat demoralising for a lot of people suffering from acne. All this pressure to look good while notoriously overindulging and letting go of the good habits we developed since January! Here are our top tips for staying in control over your skin this year.

  1. Eat

We know, ‘tis the time to eat and be merry. But you know food can be a huge trigger for acne. Try to nourish your body and, IF YOU CAN, be sensible about at least the sugar and the grease that lands on your plate.

  1. Chill

Notice outbreaks during high-stress periods? It’s cortisol, the stress hormone that tells glands in your skin to make more oil. Trapped oil, dead skin cells and bacteria = acne. Put your slippers and the kettle on, and breathe in some guilt-free relaxation!

  1. Move

Keep (at least a little!) active during the holidays. Exercise boosts circulation and sweat can actually be a great detoxifier pushing impurities out of pores. Just remember to make sure you wash with soap and water right after. Which brings us to the next point…

  1. Limit shower time

Hot water can irritate and dry your skin by stripping it off an essential, protective layer of oil. Limit hot showers to 10mins, and give cold showers a try for an array of other health benefits (and to exercise an amazing sense of self-discipline!)

     5. Beauty routine

Don’t skip on the beauty regimen. Spend the free time pampering, and taking it easy. Enjoy looking after that skin! It can be therapeutic on so many levels!

  1. Moisturise

Same with keeping moisturized and properly SPF’d against sunshine! Protect yourself from the invisible UV rays, and shield your skin from outside germs.

  1. Drink

Water. Everyday. Enough said.

  1. Hands off

Keep your hands and other bacteria-spreading items (phone screen!) away from that delicate surface of your face. Germs travel everywhere and all the time.

  1. Massage

Ever tried rolling your face? A jade roller is a magical little tool that helps reduce inflammation and puffiness of the skin, as well as stimulate the lymphatic system and blood circulation. It brightens up the complexion, tightens pores and relaxes (i.e. lowers the stress hormone, cortisol!) Don’t have a roller? You can just as easily use clean fingers on a well-moisturized face. Ahhh…


Must we say more. Fighting bacteria at the source, right under the skin – hands-free, stress-free, UV free. And here is a unique discount if you are reading this: winter5

Wishing you a wonderfully happy Christmas – the LUSTRE team!

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