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5 Tips for a skin-friendly holiday

By LUSTRE Team Diet
Breakouts on a sunny holiday are a common complaint because the skin often sweats more in the sun and because we have to use regular applications of sunscreen products to prevent burning of the skin. Many sun blocks are thick, gloopy and occlusive and when placed over sebaceous rich areas like the face, upper chest and upper back can cause breakouts and congestion. To avoid this, seek out light weight and oil free sun protectors for your face, upper chest and upper back. You can use a more standard formula for the rest of your body and for your arms and legs but it’s always worth investing in a high quality one for your sebaceous rich areas.
If a day on the beach dehydrates your skin then the best thing to do is to apply a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid serum to the skin. This will help draw moisture back into the skin without any risk of occlusion or congestion. Where possible keep products and makeup light whilst on holiday. If you are sweating a lot then shower and cleanse regularly and change your clothes. Sweat that doesn’t get washed off the skin can cause bacterial build up and cellular debris.
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Some people’s skin is very sensitive to increases in sugar, alcohol and dairy consumption so watch your consumption of these when you are on holiday. Too much indulgence may show on your skin. Try to eat a plant centered diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables while you are away to flood your cells with powerful and anti-inflammatory antioxidants and polyphenols. These are especially rich in plant based foods.
This will help to keep breakouts to a minimum so that you can enjoy your holiday without any worries about the state of your skin.
Dr Johanna Ward, award-winning cosmetic Doctor, GP, dermatologist
Guest blog contributed by Dr Johanna Ward, award-winning cosmetic Doctor, GP, dermatologist - Vitalize Skin and Wellness Clinic, Kent

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