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LUSTRE ClearSkin Blue Light Technology for at-home acne treatment


The “Small but Mighty One”

Clinically Proven to help you clear your skin of acne, spots and blemishes while being gentle and completely natural.

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The “Attack Phase bundle”

Clinically Proven to treat acne naturally with its 100% natural pure blue light. Recommended by dermatologists, this hand-free technology is the ideal choice for treating widespread acne on the face or body tackling spots in multiple areas at once.

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A revolutionary new way to kill acne, spots and blemishes!

This little miracle works from day 1! Noticeable results seen in a matter of weeks. Treatment time is only 20 minutes per day, making it easier to fit into your skincare regime.

LUSTRE ClearSkin is the only hands-free blue light device that allows you to treat separate parts of the body at the same time.

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Starts working from day one.

Many consumers experience a drastic improvement in the appearance of their acne in the first days and weeks of treatment. Clinically proven results show at least 75% reduction in acne lesions, in as little as 4 weeks.

“This little miracle changed everything!”


Results in a matter of weeks.

I seemed to try everything; creams, diets, prescribed medication, even changes to health and fitness regimes. I didn’t want to be reliant on tablets so I gave the LUSTRE Solo a go…

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Pure Blue Light kills acne… naturally!

Safe, gentle and natural. No pain, no downtime, no side effects and NO UV-light! Easy to use anywhere on the face, back, chest. 100% natural pure blue light at 415nm.

Clinically proven, recommended by GP clinics and dermatologists in the UK.


Recommended by GPs and dermatologists

Real people, real results

“I’ve been suffering from bad acne as a result of wearing a face mask but since trying lustre have seen massive improvements in the amount of breakouts I’m getting and I’ve not even used it for 2 weeks yet.”

Chloe OliverAugust 2020

“Lustre just needs to charge on the electricity cable so it feels like a long-term investment and saves me the exhausting and expensive trip to the dermatologist.”

IngaAugust 2020

“I started of using this treatment every evening for 20 minutes and now that my skin is a lot better I use it 2-3 times a week. I love how easy this is to use and how transportable it is – meaning I can take it on holiday etc.”

Joanne WatsonAugust 2020

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It's time to welcome sunnier days and healthier skin! 💙

To welcome Spring properly, we will be giving away a LUSTRE ClearSkin acne fighting bundle to help someone take back control of their skin! 💪

The bundle consists of:
- 1x LUSTRE ClearSkin Solo
- 1x LUSTRE ClearSkin Antibacterial Skin Cleanser
- 1x LUSTRE's eco-friendly cotton pouch

🤩 To enter this competition: simply leave a comment under this post by telling us what is the best skincare tip you were ever told.

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👉 Entries will close on the 8th of March (Monday) at midnight. The winner will be selected at random and contacted by DM from the LUSTRE Team.
👉 You must be over the age of 18 and you must be a UK resident.
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It's #FeedbackFriday! 🥳⁠ ⁠ "For years and y It's #FeedbackFriday! 🥳⁠
"For years and years I have had spots and bouts of acne, particularly on my cheeks. I have tried every cream, scrub, diet and treatment – all of these seemingly making my skin worse and more aggressive. So 2 months ago I decided to look online for a ‘natural’ treatment in desperation as I had enough of bad skin throughout my teenage years and now early 20’s. I have to say, I was initially very sceptical of the Lustre device and was not convinced by everyone’s apparent before and after photos. However, after using the devices for 2 months, my skin looks and feels great. I still get spots from time to time and I have only been using the devices each evening for 8 weeks, but you can tell a difference after just a few treatments. I will continue to use the Lustre devices for the foreseeable as the best investment I’ve made in a while."⁠
Thank you for your honest review, Tom and for trying LUSTRE ClearSkin! We are so delighted #bluelighttherapy worked for you! 😊😊⁠
Tom's story is one that echoes through hundreds of others' experiences.⁠
@drjohannaward, founder and medical director at @zeniilondon, looks at antibiotic treatments for acne and measures them up against new generation treatment methods, such as #bluelighttreatment in her latest blog.⁠
Have a look. ⁠
Link in Bio. 👈⁠
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How are you getting on with your New Year Resoluti How are you getting on with your New Year Resolutions? Did you manage to start and maintain some good new habits? 😊⁠
Do you have any tricks that helped you get here?⁠
📝 Let us know in the comments!⁠
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Did you know that Blue Light Therapy gets to the b Did you know that Blue Light Therapy gets to the bottom of your #acnetroubles while creams & lotions don't? 🤔⁠
It cleans the skin from within! ☑️⁠
LUSTRE stimulates porphyrins to release oxygen, targeting the root cause of the problem in only 20 minutes a day!⁠
Just time for a quick meditation session, checking your emails or start prepping dinner? 🧘🏽‍♀️📧 👨‍🍳⁠
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