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What causes Acne? What am I doing wrong?

By LUSTRE Team Blog

So how does Acne start?

All human skin is actually alive with bacteria; it lives in our skin, and some of it within its little openings, right where the hair sprouts out. When these little pores become blocked with dead skin and excessive oil (aka sebum), the bacteria multiply underneath and contribute to inflammation.
This inflammation is commonly known as ACNE. The key is to control the amount of the sebum our skin produces by paying more attention to the circumstances associated with its overproduction!

Not always a one-line answer
You cleanse, hydrate, eat well, spend your hard-earned salary on lotions and potions. You even got yourself a supersonic gadget to make extra sure you’ve scrubbed that face real clean before bed! Yet, you wake up in the morning and, to your horror, you see another bulging red bump peeking at you in the reflection.

Great for delivering an important presentation, having a job interview, a photoshoot or just wanting to feel good about yourself. One new spot and the day starts on the wrong foot. If you’re frustrated because you think you’re doing something wrong – you’re not alone.
There are millions of people like you, and over 90% of all population struggling with the condition at some point in their life.

How do you control Acne?
Acne is usually caused by more than one factor. What’s good is that it’s often things within our control. Sometimes though, it can be hard to figure out exactly what’s missing from that skincare, and what your body actually wants from you. Looking after the skin, especially the temperamental kind, is all about striking a balance between lifestyle and the right products. You might be doing everything right but be missing one ingredient!

So - could it be a good time to try light therapy? Is it possible to create the perfect environment for your skin by adding blue light to the equation? We think so. We’ve partnered with GPs and Skin Clinics in the UK, asked for opinions and ran surveys. We’d heard hundreds of stories, seen thousands of pictures and read tons of research before we created LUSTRE blue light to help with just that. We’ve seen it in action and received heartening messages from happy users. We all look for the best versions of ourselves deep within those bodies of ours. It helps when what we build on the inside matches how we're feeling on the outside and how the rest of the world perceives us. Is it possible to get rid of all of the world’s bacteria and kill the condition entirely? Certainly not.

Is there something YOU can do to relieve your acne naturally? Definitely! So next time you give yourself a hard time for a bad lifestyle or routine, be a little kinder to yourself. And if you aren’t already trying out natural light sources to give your skin the boost it needs to fight bacteria, here is a surprise discount code to start you off on your LUSTRE journey: controlacne5.

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