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Fights spots Naturally! 

  • Clinically Proven to kill acne at its root.
  • Recommended & used by leading Dermatologists & GPs.
  • Certified (Class 2A) medical.
  • Hands-free

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Fights spots naturally!
- Clinically Proven to help you clear your skin of acne, spots and blemishes while being gentle and completely natural.
- Recommended & used by leading Dermatologists & GPs.
- Certified (Class 2A) medical.
- Easy Use: Thanks to its innovative design, Lustre ClearSkin device is lightweight & portable so you can use it without interrupting you daily life.

Key Benefits:

  • Skin transforming results; Works from day 1
  • Visible results from 2 weeks
  • Reduce spots, inflammation and skin redness
  • Prevent breakouts & maintain healthy skin
  • No Chemical: 100% pure light
  • No UV: built in lining to prevent light leakage
  • Hands-free & portable; let you get on with your life- pain free, mess free!
  • Wireless, rechargeable with USB cable

LUSTRE ClearSkin SOLO is CE certified indicating conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA).

It is also FDA Cleared.

    How to use

    Use LUSTRE ClearSkin every day for 20 minutes, for up to 12 weeks to treat your acne, and then stop. You may continue to use LUSTRE ClearSkin thereafter to treat breakouts. Suitable for face, back and shoulders area.

    1. Cleanse your face. For optimum results you may wish to use LUSTRE ClearSkin Anti-bacterial Skin Cleanser.
    2. Attach the LUSTRESTRIPS to the device
    3. Begin the treatment by pressing the ON/OFF button for 1 second
    4. LUSTRE ClearSkin will turn off automatically after 20 mins. Make sure you peel off the device gently to avoid any bruising. You may wish to repeat the treatment on different areas of problem skin. 
    5. Discard the use LUSTRESTRIPS.

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      Ella M.

      I used the lustre not as regular as I should do but the effects it had had on my skin over a few weeks is unreal ! I suffered badly on my cheeks with cystic acne the lumps are not as regular and the scars are slowly going. Do not regret getting this

      Early Days

      I have recently started using this so cant say how effective it is, but the redness has subsided after a few days use. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this develops and also looking at the product range.

      Improved hormonal acne

      I bought this light for use on hormonal acne on my chin. Whilst it hasn't completely cleared my skin, I no longer get painful cystic spots, and get others less frequently. It seems to need charging after every use but it doesn't take long to charge.

      Róisín D.
      So far so good

      Have been using this for a month now and starting to see positive results!

      Katie C.
      Got my confidence back!

      This product has literally transformed my skin. I was really dubious. Since my mid 20s my chin has been covered in spots. I’ve tried everything and been to the GP but nothing worked. Spent loads on new skin care routines. The Lustre Clear Skin has worked wonders! I am half way through the recommended 12 week program and have been using it at least once, sometimes twice a day on my affected area. It needs a quick charge every three uses but it is ready again quickly. It’s great! I still have some of the redness but after 5years of constant worry what I would wake up with my skin looking like, this is amazing! There are no deep spots anymore at all.

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