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LUSTRE® ClearSkin Revive LED Mask


SUITABLE FOR:  Blemish prone skin / tired or dull looking skin


A flexible light beauty therapy mask using blue light at 465nm and red light at 640nm to help achieve clearer & fresher looking skin and reveal a youthful glow.

  • Made of flexible silicone - perfect for travelling
  • 10-minute session only
  • 2 settings to personalise your session
    • Blue mode: to energise the skin for a clearer looking skin
    • Red mode: to revive the skin for a more even looking complexion


  • Safe: includes built-in eye protection
  • Goes where creams & lotions don't go
  • Multiple skin benefits


The LUSTRE® ClearSkin REVIVE is the ultimate choice for a complete in-salon experience using standard-setting light therapy, at home.

Thanks to its flat design and being made from soft and flexible silicone, this mask is very practical – yet advanced and super-efficient. Easy to pack into any suitcase if you’re traveling and equally effortless to keep in a drawer if you want it neatly out of sight.

Awaken your skin.

This model features 66 dual core LED lights that emit two types of light: red to revive your complexion, and blue to clear the skin for a fresher look, thus focusing on the two most essential of needs your skin might have.

Our 10-minute skin wonder will energise or revitalise your skin; pick your desired session each day.

Incredibly easy to use, this high-tech LED mask is a great kick-start to your light therapy journey. Simply curve the mask over your face securing at the back and press the power button to deliver a timed ten-minute dose of red or blue light to help reveal a fresher and radiant looking skin.

Get ready for skin-boosting results with LUSTRE® ClearSkin REVIVE Mask.

STEP 1: Make sure your device is fully charged. Charge your mask for a minimum of one hour before 1st usage. Then unplug the mask. It is ready to be used.

Always make sure you do a sensitivity test on your arm before using the mask for the 1st time. Turn the mask on by holding down the power button (located on the forehead of the mask) until the indication LED remains on.

STEP 2: Select your programme.

Pressing the power button multiple times to select the right programme: Energise for a fresher looking skin (blue) or Revitalize for a youthful glow (red)

STEP 3: Pop the mask onto your face and secure using the strap at the back.

Hello, beautiful skin! The session will last 10 minutes after which the lights will turn off automatically.

Always clean your mask after each use with a damp cloth. Never fold your mask.