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Prevent the spread of bacteria and hold your device in place!

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Pressure-sensitive medical grade strips
  • Easy to apply
  • To be used in conjunction with LUSTRE ClearSkin SOLO or TRIO

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Medical grade & hypoallergenic disposable strips to be used with your LUSTRE ClearSkin deviceThey hold your device in place at the right distance to the skin for the right amount of time allowing evenness of the intensity of the Blue Light across the skin as well as freeing you during treatment time to get on with your life. Contains 30 strips.

Key Benefits:

  • Help to prevent spread of bacteria
  • Help exfoliate the skin and open up blocked pores 
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made of a double coated medical grade tape
  • Pressure sensitive
  • Easy to apply

LUSTRESTRIPS are CE certified indicating conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA).

They are also FDA Cleared.

    Before using your LUSTRE ClearSkin device to treat your acne, a fresh LUSTRESTRIP needs to be applied on the device: 

    1. Unpeel one side of the LUSTRE ClearSkin adhesive strip ( or LUSTRESTRIP).
    2. Place the sticky side of the strip onto the flat surface of one LUSTRE ClearSkin device. Ensure the strip aligns with the shape of the LUSTRE ClearSkin device.
    3. Press down across the entire surface of the adhesive strip
    4. Peel the top layer of the backing paper from the adhesive strip
    5. Your LUSTRE Device is ready to be used.
    6. Once you have used an adhesive strip remove it from the therapy head and discard it. 

    Clean the therapy head using a cleansing wipe or damp cloth. Do not use liquid of any kind to clean the therapy heads. Once cleaned apply a replacement adhesive strip to the head.


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      United Kingdom United Kingdom
      I recommend this product

      Lustre Strips

      Very good working well with regular use

      United Kingdom United Kingdom
      I recommend this product

      Can tell it’s working

      I’m still using the strips as iv not finished the 12 week program yet but I can tell they are working. Any bacteria under the skin seems to be getting drawn to the surface of my skin and it feels calmer. I’ve also found that I don’t ahem as many painful lumps under my skin- particularly around my jawline. I think the treatment would be even more effective if I was able to cut out sugar of my diet as I think that is the root cause of my bad skin. I recommend this treatment, just be aware that a diet change might enhance the effectiveness!

      United Kingdom United Kingdom
      I recommend this product


      The device has been used by my teenager son to treat acne. I has cleared acne in 20 days. He now uses it when he spots changes on his facial skin. It is a medical device not a gimmick. I recommend its use to any person who may be struggling to get rid of acne.

      United Kingdom United Kingdom
      I recommend this product

      Cleared up skin

      A few months ago, my skin was full of acne, forehead, both cheeks and chin. It was so embarrassing, I starting using this product and my skin has actually cleared up! I’m glad to be able to use light therapy in my own time at home.

      United Kingdom United Kingdom
      I recommend this product


      Will always keep buying lustre strips, the blue light technology does magic for my skin. Only use it as and when I need it now as it did such a good job of clearing up my full time acne

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