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Back to uni... How to avoid spots?

By LUSTRE Team Blog


Dr Sam Robson, LUSTRE ClearSkin, blog, back to uni, acne, spots
 Whatever the time of year, whether it is as we dive into the Festive Season, are heading off for a sun-seeking holiday, or, for many next month - starting uni, we want to look our best - and having a clear complexion means one less thing to stress about.
 So, are there any easy solutions for people prone to spots? What are the common pitfalls and how can they be dodged?
Here are my 8 top tips for avoiding spots…
  1. Even if you have oily skin, don’t avoid moisturising – a specific moisturiser for oily skin can actually reduce oil production whereas stripping off the oil with astringent toners and scrubs can actually make things worse.
  2. Clogged pores are at the heart of a spot’s creation – sunscreens can be especially bad for this. Make sure you use a non-comedogenic (non-clogging) or oil free product and DO NOT sleep in your make-up!
  3. Some hair products, especially those containing argan and coconut oils, can block pores and contribute to acne - so make sure you wash them out before going to bed.
  4. Exfoliation can help keep pores clear – but not too often or this will irritate your skin and increase oil production. Use twice weekly gentle scrub or products containing salicylic/ glycolic acid. This will help remove the dead skin cells that block pores
  5. Avoid junk and high glycaemic index foods – (refined carbohydrates and fast food being the worst culprits) - these will increase the oil production within your skin.
  6. If you apply make-up with brushes, then remember to wash these weekly – this can minimise the transfer of bacteria from your skin into your make-up – and don’t share your brushes with other people (you would not share your toothbrush would you?)
  7. Choose oil-free/ non-comedogenic make-up – much as you may wish to completely camouflage those breakouts, by further clogging your pores with heavy foundation, your skin is even more likely to break out – mineral make-up wins every time
  8. Avoid touching your face where possible – not only will you spread bacteria from your grubby hands, but you may further irritate inflamed facial skin – and TRY to avoid picking pimples – this can worsen the infection and can potentially cause scarring
LUSTRE ClearSkin Solo, easy acne treatment, spots, blemishes

So, as you can see the key to managing your skin is to avoid blocking the pores and minimise any factor that might increase oil production within your skin.
At Temple Clinic we provide expert and sympathetic advice on how to manage your skin. We can prescribe effective skincare products and treatments that have been created with problem skin in mind.
We understand acne and how it can affect your life – we have simple solutions that can transform your skin.

Dr Sam Robson, LUSTRE ClearSkin, blog, back to uni, acne, spots
Guest blog contributed by Dr Sam Robson, medical director at Temple Clinic, a specialist skin care and acne clinic in Aberdeen.

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