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LUSTRE® ClearSkin LED devices

Can I use my other acne medications with LUSTRE® ClearSkin Technology?

Please consult your healthcare provider or Dermatologist before using LUSTRE® ClearSkin LED devices if you have been prescribed any medication for Acne. 

How do I prepare my skin before treatment?

For optimum results, use our LUSTRE® LAB Purifying Skin Cleanser to prepare your skin.

Massage a small amount of the cleanser in circular movements into damp skin until fully absorbed.

Rinse well and pat dry before using your LUSTRE® ClearSkin device.

If it is your 1st time using an LED device, please make sure to test it on arm to ensure your skin is suitable to LED light therapy. Please always refer to the Instructions manual.

Will LUSTRE® ClearSkin technology cause any UV damage to my skin?

No, LUSTRE® ClearSkin Technology delivers therapeutic safe natural light. This is not in the UV spectrum of the natural light wavelength. There have been no reported incidences of UV skin damage. 

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