What are the LUSTRE® ClearSkin SOLO and TRIO?

The LUSTRE® ClearSkin SOLO and TRIO are the highly advanced 3rd generation devices of Lustre Skin Ltd for the treatment of mild to moderate acne. They are Certified (Class 2A) medical grade Blue light Technology devices developed by scientific experts from Cambridge and Ninewells NHS Hospital & Medical School in Scotland.

Due to its clinically proven safe, natural and highly effective properties, Blue Light Therapy has been used to treat acne drug-free and non-invasively for almost 40 years. LUSTRE® ClearSkin has revolutionised the technology previously used, by leading dermatologists, to make it portable and wearable.

While the LUSTRE® ClearSkin SOLO contains 1 blue light therapy device and is ideal to treat the occasional spots and breakouts, the LUSTRE® ClearSkin TRIO - with its 3 devices included - is the ideal choice for when acne is more widespread on the face or body.

How do I prepare my skin before treatment?

For optimum results, use our LUSTRE® LAB Purifying Skin Cleanser to prepare your skin.

Massage a small amount of the cleanser in circular movements into damp skin until fully absorbed.

Rinse well and pat dry before using your LUSTRE® ClearSkin device.

If it is your 1st time using an LED device, please make sure to test it on arm to ensure your skin is suitable to LED light therapy.

Is LUSTRE® ClearSkin Blue Light safe for eyes?

The LUSTRE® ClearSkin technology is safe to use for people with ocular photo-sensitivity, as there is no risk of eye injury or otherwise visual discomfort when wearing this light therapy device on the skin. The device should only be switched on AFTER it has been affixed to the treatment area of skin.

DO NOT look directly at the LED screen when it is switched on.

DO NOT place LUSTRE® ClearSkin over the eyes, or where the light will shine into the eyes during treatment.

LUSTRE® ClearSkin has left a darker mark on my skin?

A rare pigment darkening can occur immediately after the treatment. It is caused by visible wavelengths i.e. blue light, is temporary and completely harmless. It is commonly seen in darker skin types and usually fades in 48 hours. It is thought to be due to reversible oxidation of existing melanin and is not new melanin (which would last much longer). The bacteria continue to be killed, and the temporary discolouration is nothing to be concerned about.

Can the LUSTRE® ClearSkin SOLO and TRIO be used on other parts of the body, i.e. back and chest?

Yes – you can use your LUSTRE® ClearSkin device on any part of the body affected by acne.

Is LUSTRE® ClearSkin suitable for all skin types?

Yes. LUSTRE® ClearSkin is suitable for all skin types. However, a small number of people have a skin type* which is more sensitive to the normal level of adhesion of the LUSTRESTRIPS.

The best way to check whether your skin is more sensitive is to carry out a short test before your first treatment:

- Attach a LUSTRESTRIP to a LUSTRE® ClearSkin device and place on your inner forearm, just below the elbow. The LUSTRE® ClearSkin treatment head should be switched on and left in place for at least 20 minutes before being removed carefully by lifting from one edge.

If there is any discomfort, then we recommend applying a very small amount of non-comedogenic moisturising cream to the skin before attaching LUSTRESTRIP next time and this will normally solve the problem. Because of the strength of the adhesive, with 20 mins sessions, temporary marks can occur. These marks are only temporary and will disappear progressively and naturally.

*Fitzpatrick Skin Types V and VI can use the device safely, however we strongly recommend to assess your skin carefully after each session, there is an increased risk of pigmentation on those skin types.

Are there any side effects I should be concerned about?

The LUSTRE® ClearSkin Technology is a natural therapy and there are no known side effects. However, in some instance, people might be prone to a temporary skin hyperpigmentation. Darker skin types are more prone to hyperpigmentation and occasionally can get hyperpigmentation with this device but it settles spontaneously. The hyperpigmentation is thought to be due to oxidation of existing melanin and not new melanin production. It generally settles within 48 hours.

If in doubt about your skin’s compatibility with Blue Light Therapy, we recommend you consult your healthcare provider or Dermatologist when considering buying LUSTRE® ClearSkin.

How can the stickiness of the adhesive LUSTRESTRIPS be reduced?

There is one recommended method for reducing the adhesion of the strips. A small amount of non-comedogenic moisturising cream should be applied directly to the skin immediately before application of the adhesive strips. The exact amount of cream required is dependent upon the need to reduce the adhesion. In ALL cases the white cream should NOT be visible on the skin when the strip is applied to the skin. If cream is visible then the light will not be able to reach the skin and perform an effective treatment.

How do I clean my LUSTRE® ClearSkin devices?

After each treatment session the LUSTRE® adhesive strip should be removed and discarded. The LUSTRE® ClearSkin device should be cleaned using a moist cloth or cleansing wipe, a moist alcohol swab may also be used. Liquid of any description should not be allowed to enter the LUSTRE® ClearSkin device. Do not use or attach your LUSTRE® ClearSkin device to the main power supply if it has ever been exposed to liquid at any time as it is electrical equipment.

Can I use my other acne medications with LUSTRE® ClearSkin Technology?

Please consult your healthcare provider or Dermatologist before using LUSTRE® ClearSkin if you have been prescribed any medication for Acne.

I lost my instructions manual. What to do?

You can download your LUSTRE® ClearSkin Manual (Instruction For Use booklet) below:


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